Mr. Schmidt is a highly capable professional. He deserves the utmost respect for his legal skills and work.”

"Carey helped me on a personal case of mine and advocated for our interests instead of his own, the hallmark of a great lawyer. When our family car was struck by another driver, Carey answered my question about recovery from our insurance carrier. His response was quick and thorough, advising us about the risk and benefits of proceeding with his services. Even though it would be less money for him, Carey concluded the better way to go was without a lawyer. I am fortunate to know an attorney of such high caliber."   - Matthew Lowy, Lowy Law, PLLC

I highly recommend Carey Schmidt. He is the consummate professional: dedicated to his clients; resourceful; and knowledgeable.”
— Jeffrey Roth, Attorney at Garlington, Lohn & Robinson

"I have known Carey for several years and supervised his work on the Public Land and Resources Law Review during our time at the University of Montana Law School. Carey is gifted with a keen intellect and rigorous analytical skills. His greatest asset however is his charisma and kind nature, which he comes by naturally. Carey is sincere, candid, and calls more people 'friend' than anyone I know. This is a very telling trait. Whether in business or friendship, Carey is a magnetic personality with whom people of all sorts want to associate. Carey is a well respected and successful attorney, expert outdoorsman, and active member of local and regional community efforts. I am privileged to have worked with him and to call him my friend."  Alex C. Sienkiewicz (MPA, JD, PhD), District Ranger, Yellowstone District, Custer Gallatin NF

I have litigated cases with Carey as a co-defendant and as opposing counsel. Regardless of the situation, he has always been cordial and has shown good judgment and great knowledge of the law.”